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Festival and Event Staff

Hotbox Events recruits and manages festival and event staff for festivals across the UK.

The first event we worked with was Leeds Festival in 2003, since then we've grown from supplying a small team of just 6 staff to over two thousand stewards every year!

If you run a festival or event and would like more information about the festival and event staff Hotbox Events can provide please contact us.

Our Festival and Event Staff Experience

Our management team has been recruiting and managing festival and event staff since the early 90s.

We supply and manage teams of up to 850 at the festivals we work with, helping in the campsites, on fire towers, gates, wristband exchanges and in the arenas.

Our Festival and Event Staff Services

Our event teams provide support and customer service to festival and event goers, whilst working with other onsite agencies to help reduce crime and keep ticket holders safe.

The key areas our festival and event staff assist with include:

  • Working in campsites, arenas, on gates, fire towers, and wristband exchanges.
  • Our staff are the eyes and ears of a festival or event; trained to be proactive and alert to any potential problem.
  • Promoting crime awareness and crime prevention to the public.
  • Working with onsite teams to ensure medical, fire and security issues are dealt with promptly and safely.
  • Helping to prevent overcrowding and on hand to monitor crowd safety.
  • Assisting the public to create an environment where they feel safe.
  • Directing the public, assisting with ingress and egress to help the process run smoothly and effectively.
  • Supporting ticket holders, providing information about the event including facilities and performances to ensure they have the best possible time at your event.

Festival and Event feedback

We've received fantastic feedback from festival organisers and even the UK Police Force! You can find some of the feedback we've received on our festival and event feedback page.

Festival and Event Staff feedback

We pride ourselves on both the service our festival and event staff provide and the enjoyable working environment we create for our festival and event staff.

You can find feedback from our festival and event staff on our festival and event staff feedback page.

More information

If you run a festival and would like more information about the service Hotbox Events can provide please contact us.

Festival and Event Staff - Event staff in the festival campsites

Event staff in the festival campsites

Daniel & Jo (Self Employed Joiner)

I've worked for Hotbox for 3 years now, first one was in 2007 and was nervous as didn't know what to expect, but after that I have been hooked. It's just an amazing atmosphere, get to meet and interact with such a varied bunch of great people in the campsites. I would definitely recommend it to people who want a different view of the festival experience. I wouldn't go back to been a normal camper now.

The best thing this year was my team and I met an amazing person and things are going well, thank you Hotbox, you bring people together. I will be back for 2010! I want it to be now!

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