Gain free 2017 festival tickets for some of the best festivals in the UK by applying to volunteer with us!


Free 2017 Festival Tickets

You can gain free 2017 festival tickets for some of the best festivals in the UK by applying to volunteer with Hotbox Events!

Hotbox Events works closely with UK festival organisers; recruiting and managing over two thousand festival volunteers each year.

The Hotbox Events team plays a big part in creating a good atmosphere and helping the festival goers to get the most out of their festivals by providing fantastic customer service and support. By applying to volunteer and joining our festival team you can help us to continue to achieve this!

Volunteering for Free Festival Tickets in 2017

If you would like more information about volunteering at a festival with Hotbox Events for your free 2017 festival tickets please head over to our about page.

If you'd like to apply to join us now please head to our apply page.

Working as Festival Staff for Free Festival Tickets in 2017

When we work at a festival we have a festival staff team of up to 50 staff working in various roles managing our festival volunteers onsite.

Our festival staff positions include:

  • Festival Site Managers
  • Festival Project Managers
  • Festival Staff Supervisors
  • Festival Arena Supervisors
  • Festival Campsite Zone Supervisors
  • Festival Office Managers
  • Festival Multi-Agency Communications Control Staff
  • Festival Golf Buggy Drivers
  • Festival 4x4 Drivers
  • Festival Minibus Drivers

All Hotbox Events festival staff also get free festival tickets so that they can enjoy the festival when they are not working!

If you're interested in applying for a job working with Hotbox Events as a paid member of our festival staff, please head over to our festival jobs and work page for more information about how to apply.

Free Festival Tickets 2017 - Festival volunteers working for their free 2017 festival tickets

Festival volunteers working for their free 2017 festival tickets

Carole and Steve (Chartered Surveyor and a Parish Clerk RFO)

After being festival goers for a number of years, now the family has grown up and we have a little more time on our hands we decided to extend the festival experience by volunteering for a week at Latitude 2014 as CATs! We did not really know what we had let ourselves in for but we were so glad we did because our fellow CATs, supervisors and festival goers were absolutely lovely and great fun. It was so nice to see the relieved smiles on people's faces when we helped them to put up their tents they bought the day before! The festival goers we assisted and chatted to, made a point of coming up to us later in the festival (when we were off duty) to say thank you again and for a chat which was so nice. Latitude Festival was amazing as usual but what made it special was flashing our crew wristbands to get in and out of the arena so quickly, it really made us feel important (is that sad?). The mixture of age and enthusiasm of our fellow volunteers and staff just helped make the festival experience so fab - we wished we had done this years ago and we are definitely coming back in 2015!

Hi @Elizabe36447861 great to hear you'd like to join us #volunteering at @DownloadFest 🙂 You can find more info here