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You can join us at the 2018 RiZE Festival by applying to volunteer at RiZE Festival!


Our festival volunteers will be working across RiZE Festival to help the festival goers to get the most out of their festival!

If you'd like to gain some experience working at a festival and help us to make RiZE Festival one of the best music festivals in the world you can apply to volunteer with us!

If you'd like to find out more about volunteering with us at RiZE Festival, you can find lots of info about volunteering at RiZE Festival below and across our website!

Volunteer places remaining at the 2018 RiZE Festival

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RiZE Festival staff and volunteer places remaining
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RiZE Festival staff and volunteer positions allocated

How to apply to volunteer at the 2018 RiZE Festival

You can apply to volunteer at RiZE Festival using Hotbox Events PAAM.

The Hotbox Events festival application opens in early February each year. You can find the application guidelines via the PAAM login page.

If you don't already have a PAAM account please sign-up - we'll send you a message via PAAM when the festival volunteer applications go live each year.

For more information about applying to volunteer with us at RiZE Festival please read the volunteer information below.

Info about places remaining

The figures above are a live feed direct from the Hotbox Events PAAM volunteer application.

If the "places remaining" figure above is zero; you're able to apply via PAAM but not pay your deposit; this means we have filled all of the positions at the festival but we do expect to reopen to filled cancelled positions! If you can't apply then we do not expect to reopen again this year.

We usually reopen a festival to accept deposits once or twice each season to fill the openings created by cancellations. If you'd like to be the first to know when we reopen please apply via PAAM and we'll send you an email as soon as you can login and pay your deposit.

2018 RiZE Festival volunteering application deadlines

There isn't a specific deadline for Rize Festival volunteer applications, we keep the application open until we fill all of the positions we have available at the festival.

The earlier you apply and pay your deposit the higher preference you will get when choosing your shifts so our advice is always apply and pay your deposit to secure your positions as early as you are able.

To apply to volunteer at the 2018 RiZE Festival you will need to

  • Be 18 or over on the date of arrival.
  • Be available to arrive at the RiZE Festival site in good time for your onsite briefing (no later than 3 hours before your briefing) on Wednesday 15th August 2018 (ESSID). 
  • Be available for a briefing at 19:00 on Wednesday 15th or 19:00 Thursday 16th August (the briefing you need to attend is shift pattern dependant).
  • Be available to work two 8 hour shifts at any time between 07:30 Thursday 16th and 17:00 Sunday 19th August.
  • Please note when the shift preferences are available in PAAM, if you chose one of the shift patterns which include a Wednesday shift and are confirmed for this, you will need to arrive earlier to be booked in and have your onsite briefing prior to your first shift.
  • Arrive at the Hotbox Events festival office one hour prior to your shift to be signed in and have your zone and/or position allocated; you will then need to allow between 5 and 20 minutes to make your way to your zone; and the same at the end of your shift to return to the Hotbox Events office to be signed out and return any equipment and uniform allocated to you. This time is outside of your allocated two 8 hour shifts in a similar way that travelling to and returning from your place of work or study is outside of paid work or class hours.
  • Wear a festival tabard whilst working.
  • Produce documents to prove your right to work / volunteer in the UK.
  • Provide a refundable security deposit.

Borders and Immigration - proving your right to work and volunteer in the UK

To work and volunteer at a festival or event with Hotbox Events you must have the right to work and volunteer in the UK. Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006 Hotbox Events is required by law to check your right to work and volunteer in the UK.

For further information please read the Borders and Immigration entry in the Hotbox Events FAQ.

Info about 2018 RiZE volunteer shifts

  • Each festival volunteer works two x 8 hr shifts only (16 hrs in total throughout the festival).
  • The first festival volunteer shift starts at 07:30 on the Thursday of the festival weekend.
  • Shift patterns are allocated pre event but deployment to individual zones is organised at the beginning of each shift; at which point if you have a zone preference you can state it to your supervisor who will do their best to accommodate your request.
  • Volunteers are required to meet for shift deployment one hour prior to shift start time to be allocated a position / zone for each shift. You will then need to allow between 15 and 20 mins to make your way to your zone; and the same at the end of your shift to return to the Hotbox Events office to be signed out and return any equipment and uniform allocated to you. This time is outside of your two 8 hour shifts in a similar way that travelling to and returning from your place of work or study is outside of paid work or classroom hours.
  • The final festival volunteer shift finishes at 17:00 on the Sunday of the festival weekend.
  • All festival volunteers are required to work one night shift.
  • When off-shift all festival volunteers are free to enjoy the festival!
  • The festival volunteer shift times are: Early: 08:00 > 16:00, Late: 16:00 > 00:00, Night: 00:00 > 08:00.
  • We try to be as fair to everyone as possible when allocating shifts - all festival volunteers have at least one of the main event afternoons or evenings off.
  • Please head to our FAQ for more info about how volunteer shifts are organised

Volunteering as a steward at the 2018 RiZE Festival can include

  • Assisting festival goers with directions.
  • Helping festival goers carry their belongings and pitch their tents.
  • Answering questions about performances and line-ups.
  • Reporting any problems e.g. a build-up of litter or faulty facilities.
  • Working with Fire Safety, Medical and Security teams.
  • Keeping an eye on the campsites from the fire towers.
  • Helping out with various roles across the festival site e.g. pedestrian and vehicle gates, wristband exchanges, keeping an eye on facilities, monitoring stages and walkways.

All 2018 RiZE volunteers are provided with

  • A Crew Pass when you arrive at the festival.
  • An Info Pack prior to arrival at the festival - this pack thoroughly details the festival stewarding role and responsibilities and provides information about the festival and the festival site.
  • A festival uniform - tabard.
  • Access to the crew café, toilets and showers!
  • Thorough on-site briefings.
  • Camping facilities in a secure crew area.
  • Time to enjoy the festival - apart from your 2 x 8 hour shifts you get to enjoy the entire festival for free!
  • Work experience in the event industry and an opportunity to learn new skills which looks great on your CV!
  • Volunteering can progress into paid staff opportunities with us or other organisations at future events.

Paying your 2018 RiZE Festival deposit

You need to pay a deposit to secure your place but you get this back at the end of the summer and one deposit covers you for as many festivals as you would like to work!

For further details about deposits please head to the Deposits, tickets and wages section of our FAQ.

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More questions about volunteering at the 2018

RiZE Festival?

Please try our FAQ as most of the questions we're usually asked are answered in there!

How to Contact Us

You can contact us here.

Volunteer at RiZE Festival - Arena volunteers with big top

RiZE Festival arena volunteers

Gareth (Fitness Instructor, Chester University)

Working the festivals is the highlight of my summer and this is helped due to CATs. Having experienced both sides of festival life CATs offers more opportunities to meet people, see the festival and have fun doing it. The people in charge of CATs do a great job and are fully supportive, and over the last 5 years I have grown to know them very well and now class them all as very good mates. Viva la CAT's......bring on 2009 (Leeds baby, whoop)

Volunteer at RiZE Festival - campsite volunteers sitting on caravan

RiZE Festival campsite volunteers

@Clare_Simmonds Hi Clare, if you cancelled and didn't request an early return yours will come back automatically wi… https://t.co/d9kzDqikQl
Volunteer at RiZE Festival - Pixie volunteers with flowers

RiZE Festival volunteers

Volunteer at RiZE Festival - Campsite Fire Tower volunteer

RiZE Festival campsite volunteer

Volunteer at RiZE Festival - Campsite volunteers jumping

RiZE Festival campsite volunteers