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ConnorAT posted this 07 February 2019

Hia guys,


Me and a friend are volunteering for the first time at Leeds this year, and despite looking over forums and FAQ and reviews, there are still a few questions I'm wondering about, even if they are quite small. 

1 -  Where exactly is the staff camping? I've looked at old laps of Leeds Festivals, a well as old forum posts,  and there doesn't seem to bee any way of telling where the staff camping is. If it's due to change and it's not set in stone that's fine I just found it weird that there seems to be no info on it

2 - I've sort of got 2 parking queestions, the first beingwhere is the staff car park? The other is about filling out my Hotbox profile. I'm getting a lift from my friend, and she obviously needs to tick the box saying she'll need access to the car park, but I assume I say I wont need parking space as I'm in her car? It's a small thing but I want to make sure i don't do anything wrong. 


Ta guys 

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RBottomley posted this 15 February 2019

Hi Connor,

It's great that you and your friend will be joining us at Leeds this year!

In answer to your questions:

1. The staff campsite isn't publicised on any members as it's positioned in an area only accessible to staff and volunteers.

2. The staff car park has previously always been located next to the staff camping area, so not too far to walk with all your belongings! If you're coming in your friends car then only one person needs to request a parking pass for it. With some festivals we send out parking passes in advance and with others they can be collected on arrival, so whoever ends up requesting it needs to make sure there address is kept upto date in PAAM.

We look forward to seeing you at Leeds

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