You can gain free entrance to this summer's festivals by applying to volunteer at festivals with Hotbox Events!


Volunteer at Festivals and Events

If you're looking for a fantastic summer festival volunteering experience, you can apply to volunteer at festivals and events with Hotbox Events!

We work closely with festival and event organisers; each year offering thousands of people the chance to enjoy some of the best festivals in the UK in exchange for volunteering some of their time!

Our festival and event volunteers play a big part in creating a good atmosphere and helping the event goers to get the most out of their events. By joining the Hotbox Events team you can help us to continue to achieve this!

Festival and Event Volunteer Feedback

At Hotbox Events we work tirelessly to make sure that each and every festival and event volunteer who works with us has a great time and really enjoys their volunteering experience! We plan our festival and event volunteer shifts so every volunteer has a plenty of time off between shifts and at least one if not more nights off when the festival entertainment is on.

Many of our event staff have worked with us for years so are very experienced in managing large teams of volunteers. When we employ new event staff we make sure they are well trained and capable of sustaining a supportive and enjoyable working environment for our festival and event volunteers. If you'd like to read some of the feedback we've received from our festival and event volunteers, head over to our volunteer feedback page and take a look!

Feedback about our Festival and Event Volunteers

Thanks to the great work of our festival and events volunteers over the years we've received lots of wonderful feedback from festival promoters, event organisers and even from the UK Police Force!

If you'd like to read the feedback Hotbox Events has received about those who have applied to join us as festival volunteers and event volunteers please visit our event feedback page.

Contact us about volunteering at festivals

If you'd like to find out more about volunteering at festivals and events with Hotbox Events please get in touch!

Volunteer at festivals and events - festival volunteers relaxing by arena entrance

Festival volunteers relaxing off-shift by the festival arena entrance

Gareth (Musical Director, Teacher and Broadcaster)

Reading 2012 was my first ever festival, both in attendance and volunteering and I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience. There was never a dull moment, whether it was helping arrivals to their campsite and putting up tents, while trying to avoid them blowing away! Or doing the graveyard shift; making sure all the campers were happy and using my training I had gained previously as a student welfare volunteer. The atmosphere was both friendly and electric. The Hotbox staff were always kind and accommodating and were there when you needed them. And it was FUN! I would definitely do Reading Festival next year!