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  • Last Post 24 June 2018
Scraggles posted this 24 June 2018


I looked at the FAQs that the deposits should be refunded within about 30 days. Not received mine for Download yet but it has only been around 2 weeks. Is there any way to check progress on this?

(Not signed up to volunteer any additional events atm)

Mark posted this 24 June 2018


We're working through the deposit return process for Download at the moment.

Deposits are planned to be returned to volunteers within 30 days of the festival.

As ever we'll make sure they're with you as soon as possible.

We chased WorldPay for the funds release on Friday (the deposits are held by WorldPay in a ringfenced account until after each festival has passed - standard practice for event related payments e.g. to protect you in case an event does not take place) as they advised we should receive funds within a week of the festival.

WorldPay advised the deposits should be transferred to us early this coming week so we can return to our volunteers.

As soon as they're on their way we'll send everyone an email!

Oh and please make sure the details in your PAAM account are up to date so the cheque is posted to the correct address!

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