Volunteer with us at festivals for...

  • An amazing festival summer!
  • Choose shifts before each festival!
  • Gain experience and contacts!
  • No admin fees or card fees!
  • Make friends for life volunteering!
  • Positions confirmed within 24 hours!
  • Deposits returned within 30 days!
  • Volunteer camping and facilities!


Festival Volunteer Newsletter


Me and my friends arrived a few days early because of our shifts which made it more of a week instead of a weekend, which was great! We had an amazing time, and met lots of amazing people. We were together on every shift but still made other friends while we were there, our shift managers were lovely and we had fun watching music. Working with Hotbox meant we had a nice little camp with little noise which is always a bonus! We had so much more fun than we ever expected and I recommend it to anyone!

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The Top Festival Volunteer FAQs

What will I do when volunteering at festivals with Hotbox Events?

You can find out what volunteering at festivals is like by checking out our festival volunteer interviews!

You can also find lots of info about every festival we volunteer with on our festival pages.

If you're looking for more try our festival volunteer photo galleries and festival volunteer forum!

How and when can I apply to volunteer at music festivals?

You can apply to volunteer at music festivals by signing up to our online festival volunteer application!

Festival volunteer applications open at the beginning of Feb each year, with sometimes a few extra festivals to volunteer at added throughout the year.

We send a message to every volunteer who signs up when applications open!

Amazing response to 🎪 2021 #festival applications opening 🙌 40% of places filled in less than 2 weeks 🎶… https://t.co/38XKVaJHrS
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