First Time Volunteering

  • Last Post 04 June 2018
Scraggles posted this 04 June 2018

Hi there, first time Volunteering this year - had a few questions I wanted to clear up.

•Camping: Do we have to stay in the crew camping area, or can we go in the others (eg blue). If not, can be go there when off duty but not put our tents there?

•Phone Charging: Are there facilities to charge our phones? When I was here last year I was able to get access to phone charging facilities, can volunteers get that too?

•Is the same true for Lockers?

•What are the shower facilities like (compared to the normal ones).

•Is the kettle a bit minging? And how long is the milk fine?

-Ta xox

Chris posted this 04 June 2018

 Hi there you can camp where ever you want except vip or guest areas. You can pay for phone charging like anyone else or use the electric facilities in the hotbox camp.



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