Green Environmentally Friendly Festival Stewarding!

Hotbox Events is very conscious about the company's impact on the environment and wherever possible minimises this impact.

Hotbox Events staff and volunteers working at festivals

The CATs themselves are a very green bunch - always putting in the extra effort required to be as green as green can be! Onsite at the Latitude Festival, Reading Festival and Leeds Festival the CATs are involved with many of Festival Republic's green initiatives. If you've been to one of the shows before you may have seen the CATs out in the campsites helping (or bugging!) the festival goers to be as green as possible!

Hotbox Events Volunteer Stewards do their bit by

  • Taking public transport or sharing lifts to and from the festivals.
  • Setting up recycling schemes in the CAT crew area.
  • Advising and assisting campers regarding their camping gear - don't burn or otherwise destroy it, take it home for reuse or donate it for resource recovery.
  • Helping to run the gas canister exchange programme - rather than burning your used canisters, hand them in for a chance to win a ticket to one of the following year's music festivals!
  • Advising and assisting campers with setting up their own mini recycling schemes in their camping area.
  • Promoting the aluminium can recycling scheme.
  • Advising campers of where they can find their nearest litter exchange and recycling drop-off points.

For more info about Festival Republic's green practices please visit

For more information about one of the individual festival's green practices please visit:

Hotbox Events and Hotbox Studios in the office

As Hotbox Events is part of Hotbox Studios when in the office the two organisations green policies and procedures are identical...

Our energy supplier is the UK's leading generator of renewable energy. This isn't a new thing for them - they've been investing in cleaner energy sources for over 50 years. Our supplier is building the world's first deep water wind turbine in the Moray Firth, their wind farm in Ayrshire is the first in the UK to generate 100MW of electricity and their new Glendoe hydro station at Loch Ness will be Britain's most efficient. At the end of 2008 our supplier had invested over £850m in renewable generation, refurbishment and construction projects.

Evolve Business A4 Paper BoxWhen ordering supplies we always go for the green option e.g. all of our paper and envelopes are supplied by Evolve paper is made in Europe from 100% genuine waste paper - not from a combination of waste and new paper and not from off cuts from the manufacturing process - all of the paper we use was once used by someone else.

Since 2000 we've been working with our clients helping them to provide paperless systems such as online applications - in 2009 alone Hotbox Studios' websites, software, online systems and services will aid our clients in avoiding the use of around twenty thousand envelopes and at least twice that many pieces of paper.

Hotbox Studios released PAAM in 2007 - a paperless Personnel Application Administration and Management software package. It's still early days although PAAM already has over fifteen thousand users and that number is increasing every day.

Hotbox Studios and Hotbox Events offer downloadable documents such as manuals and invoices wherever possible to avoid unnecessary printing and usage of paper and envelopes.

We recycle everything we can e.g. paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastics, print cartridges.

We reuse as much as we can e.g. bubble wrap, bubble lined postage bags, cardboard backed envelopes.

We always pay a little extra for energy saving products such as light bulbs.

Whenever we need to replace electronic equipment we do so with the most up-to-date and energy efficient we can source. Our main supplier ( has been building environmental considerations into every stage of the product life cycle for more than a decade - from development and design, to manufacturing and operations, to customer use and end-of-life product disposition.

All of our electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, routers and firewalls is surge protected and all have battery backups supplied by APC. In the case of our web and database servers these are also protected by secondary backup power supplies independent of the national grid. This protects the equipment from power failures and spikes avoiding unnecessary waste in replacing blown power supplies or worst case scenario entire pieces of kit. This also avoids data loss and downtime which in turn saves both Hotbox Studios and the company's clients time and money which equates to a saving in energy.

The above in mind we use equipment for as long as possible - not just upgrading because a newer model has been released. A good example is the poor old printer we replaced in January 2009 - aHewlett Packard PhotoSmart P1100 - this printer was bought in 1999! Unfortunately it finally gave up after ten years and needed to be replaced but if it hadn't we would still be using it!

We always jump at the chance to work on projects that benefit the environment - examples being:

Alpha Performing Arts Animation. Alpha looks at the effects of technology on the natural world and explores issues relating to sustainable living.

Untold Performing Arts Animation. This specially commissioned piece is inspired by the timeless children's classic 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein.

If you have any suggestions re any of the above please don't hesitate to contact us

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