Anyone doing Reading or V Fest? Some Q's!

  • Last Post 10 August 2017
laurboyd posted this 02 August 2017

Hey guys! I'm doing Reading and V Fest for the first time this year, and was wondering if anyone else was doing it first time too? I'm coming from Brighton so if anyone else is, anyone wanna travel together? I'll be getting a train up unless a rideshare comes up :-)


Honestly, I'm still not 100% sure on how this is all gonna work but another question for you guys lol, how does it work in regards of shifts? And do we bring tents to stay in or are we coming back and forth? I have friends at the festival so I can always stay with them. Thanks for any help!

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charlotte_n posted this 02 August 2017

Hey, I did Reading for the first time last year

There'll be a list of about 16 shift patterns on PAAM, you choose the ones you'd most like from most preferred to least (the earlier you applied and paid your deposit the most likely you are to get top choices). You don't do your shift alone and you get breaks every 4-ish hours (you have to bring your own food etc to keep you going bc you won't be allowed back to staff compound as it's a bit of a trek). 

You won't be allowed to camp in general camping with your friends, you have to camp in the hotbox events bit in the staff area. Nothing's stopping you from meeting up with them when you're off shift though. Hope that helps

jsshrbrt posted this 07 August 2017

Hey I'm working at V fest for the first time too and coming up from Brighton so we can train/tube up together if you want xo 

laurboyd posted this 10 August 2017

Hey! That'd be great, never been up to Chelmsford before so I'd have no idea where I'm going haha. Are you in the facebook group? 

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