Anyone in Arena Team 1?

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Mad_Cyril posted this 05 July 2018

Hi folks,

Anyone in Arena team 1? It's a long shot as not the biggest team but thought i'd try. Or anyone on the same sort of shift times?

Thurs - 15.00-21.00
Friday- 21.00-03.00
Sunday - 09.00-15.00

I'm coming solo this year but probably will see a few familiar faces. Anyone looking for someone to watch bands or grab a beer with just give me a shout


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nenevall posted this 05 July 2018

hi ya, yes im in arena team one...


i should be be on site from tuesday.

Mad_Cyril posted this 05 July 2018

Good stuff - i'll be arriving on Tuesday as well.

Where are you travelling from? (Scotland via Leicester for me).

Drew posted this 05 July 2018

Me too, now arriving either late Tuesday or early Wednesday, I’m local so no real travel dramas. Quick question, what do we actually do? And how far is parking from campsite, only been to Latitude as a punter so it’s my first time Drew

Mad_Cyril posted this 05 July 2018

Hey Drew,

Nice to be local.... i'm coming down from Aberdeen! You can always nip home for a decent shower eh?!

I've never worked Arena, only ever campsite or fire towers. It seems to be just patrolling, or stationed at certain places. The main thing we are told are that we are the 'eyes and ears' of the festival and a visual deterrant for general wrong doing but also someone punters can chat too, ask questions, high 5.... stuff like that. I find that being chatty and helpful makes it a more pleasant experience.

Parking is usually quite close to the staff compand - the later you arrive the further you will be but none of it is mental. One of my pet hates about festivals as a punt was dragging your stuff for miles before you find a pitch so from that point of view is so much easier. probably talking 5 mins tops.

Getting there on Weds can mean loads of Hotbox folk turning up and registering at the same time... it can be quite mad. The earlier you get there the better tbh. You could even pitch on the tuesday, register, head home and come back on the weds!

Anyway, enough waffling from me. That answer your questions?


Drew posted this 05 July 2018

Cheers for that, save me a spot I will be there around 8pm on Tuesday

nenevall posted this 06 July 2018

going on from last years layout the staff car was adjacent to the hot box compound / staff camping area. so no epic walks (download style), hopefully this should not have changed.. 




nenevall posted this 06 July 2018

im travelling from Peterborough, with another hotbox regular.


Mad_Cyril posted this 06 July 2018


I saw your post about arriving in Diss approx 5.30pm. If you got a train from Diss to Halesworth then there are shuttle buses at 19.20 and 20.20

Alternatively i would be happy to pick you both up from Halesworth.


Mad_Cyril posted this 10 July 2018

Alright Drew, If you’re still aiming to get here around 8 just head for the big tree right in the middle and I’m camped next to the tent with the big flags (also some England flags in the trees) - I should be around at that time. Andy

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