Deposit back if you get sick?

  • Last Post 08 June 2018
ArinaWolf posted this 08 June 2018

Hello! I was wondering if in the case that you don’t feel good enough to work are you still not getting the deposit back, as this is a medical problem. I did one shift but now I’m not feeling well at all (no ,I didn’t go to the concert either) and I really don’t want to fuck my health even more by staying in the rain for 8 hours , also 90% of my clothes are soaking wet I just have to wait till the end of the fest because that’s when the person that’s picking me up comes I don’t want to slack off but I don’t want to get ill because of this either. It’s really not my fault but the thought of not getting the deposit back when really it’s not my fault it’s killing me I couldn’t find anything related in QnA or the terms of service so I’m asking you guys, maybe you’ve been in the same situation, what do you think?

Mark posted this 08 June 2018


Really sorry to hear you're not well.

Have you been over to our onsite office at Download? The office in the compound. If not please do, they can help you e.g. help to dry your clothes and if required give you a lift to welfare / medical.

They're also the best people to talk with re your deposit etc.

Please don't worry about heading over to chat with our staff - they're only there to help our volunteers!

I'll drop the team a message now so they know you need a hand and a chat.

Don't forget you can always call them on the onsite numbver, which at Download this year is 07506280277

Hope you start to feel a bit better

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