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EmmaFisher posted this 25 April 2019

I know we get provided with private showers and toilet facilities in the staff camp site, but does anyone know what sort of facilities are provided with the showers? Like hair dryers and that? For any of the festivals this year thanks

nenevall posted this 25 April 2019

Most Event campsites the showers are based on the "tardis" design of toilets..

festival showers  

(exact firm who supply them)


same outer shell but instead of a toilet they have a shower unit inside..


DEFINETLY NO  hair dryers or hair straighteners.. as remember we are in a field on temporary power supplies and power is somewhat scarce...

Now there are power sockets in the facilities tent but they are for charging your phones  etc.. Hotbox do put up signs about NOT plugging in any items that are high current such as hair dryers or curlers / straighteners as they drain the shit out of the site power supply and there have been instances of sockets melting.. burning out.

don't worry about looking too glammed up.. most of the paying guests will look worse than you  after 3 days  in a campsite.

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