Going Solo - Latitude 2017

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sarajonesxo posted this 05 July 2017

 Hi everyone!

My name's Sara, I'm 19 and on summer break from university. Just thought I'd post in here and introduce myself on the off-chance I could connect with some people before heading to volunteer at Latitude next week. I've never been to a proper festival before but since my friends aren't into the same music as me, I figured I would just go it alone!

I'm so excited as Latitude seems right up my street and some of my favourite artists are playing, but I'm also nervous. The thought of arriving at a campsite alone gives me the jitters so, yeah, pop me a message or comment and say hi! 


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Wilson123 posted this 09 July 2017

Don't be so worried, i recently volunteered at download this year (practically solo) and it was awesome! 

So much so that i'm now meeting up with the guys from Download at latitude and coordinated ourselves to be on similar shifts you'll love it its great, if not drop me a line and come meet up with us  

sarajonesxo posted this 09 July 2017

I'm really excited and I know when I get there I'll love it but I'm just an overthinker by nature haha. Thanks! 

Hannah Kirby posted this 09 July 2017

I'm going solo as well - must admit I'm getting a bit nervous, but I'm sure it'll be fine once I'm there. The thought of missing out on some of my favourite bands is worse than feeling awkward going by myself! I'm also at uni. x

sarajonesxo posted this 10 July 2017

I'm exactly the same! It'd be torture knowing that so many of my favourite bands are in the same place and I won't be there so I thought I'd just go for it. I'm in Alpha 1, what shift pattern are you on? x

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zofiaaaa posted this 10 July 2017

Hey hey I'm also 19 and this will be my first time at a festival and I'm volunteering too. I feel pretty much the same as you - I'm sure it'll be fine once I get there but at the moment I'm a bit nervy😬 See u there! Xxx

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nenevall posted this 10 July 2017

Hi Sara, i am also going solo at latitude for the1st time, im also in alpha 1 so im sure we'll get to meet up.



esmeb posted this 11 July 2017

Hi there! I'm in literally the same situation haha I thought I'd be able to convince friends to come with but it came around so soon! I'm in Bravo 1 and v nervous haha! x

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fian@hotmail.co.uk posted this 11 July 2017

Hello I'm also in the same situation lol, also offerring people lifts from Brighton area. Never been to Latitude before, don't know what to expect. Should be great! Glad there are like minded people.

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