Latitude 2017 Lift Share

  • Last Post 29 June 2017 posted this 27 June 2017

Hey guys, I'll be heading to Latitude from Nottingham on the Tuesday if anyone is sharing a lift. So as long as you're anywhere between those two locations or can meet us on the way that's cool. (There wil be myself and a friend of mine already). So I have 2 spare spaces so if there's 2 of you that's cool or just one is fine also. Like I said, I'll be travelling on the Tuesday, returning on the Monday depending on shift patterns. Please try to get Monday off if you can. The Tuesday leave time can be discussed later. Don't hesitate to get in touch guys!

Thanks, Connor

Caroaus posted this 28 June 2017

I will be driving from Barking/Dagenham area and have room in my small car for one person plus gear.  Can pick up or meet at a station around this area. Will be travelling up on Wednesday  and back Monday. DM me if interested.

cheers, Caro

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