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Indigoemma posted this 09 March 2019

I am hoping to volunteer at download this year so trying to get as much info as possible as I have never been or volunteered before . My question is what time are you allowed to leave on the Monday !?! There seems to be strict arrival times but I can't find much info on leaving. I am planning on getting the green bus so looks like I will have to arrive the day before to make sure I am there but would have to leave at 90 am on the Monday.

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ajhg posted this 10 June 2019

As @nenevall said

that only is if you are booked on that shift..

There will only be one shift pattern that has a shift on the Monday morning. You will know if you are on that group.



nenevall posted this 25 April 2019

that only is if you are booked on that shift..

Heiach posted this 25 April 2019

I found this "

  • The final Download Festival volunteer shift finishes at 17:00 on the Monday after the festival weekend."

From here:

Heiach posted this 24 April 2019

I'd be interested in knowing this too, before I book my train ticket back...

nenevall posted this 15 March 2019

as long as your 3 shifts are complete and you have signed off, there are no restrictions on when you can leave as far as i am aware.. (but best check with the office though!)

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