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Volunteer at Music Festivals

If you'd like to volunteer at the best music festivals in the UK this summer you've come to the right place!

To find out more about volunteering at a festival head over to our about page and choose the music festival you're interested in volunteering at...

There you'll find lots of info including when you'll need to arrive at the festival, how many volunteer shifts you'll do, how old you need to be to volunteer at music festivals, the kind of things you'll get involved with when volunteering and loads more!

Watch interviews with our festival volunteers

If you've not volunteered at a music festival before and would like to find out more about what it's like volunteering at festivals before applying, make sure you checkout our festival volunteer interviews!

In the interviews you'll get to hear from volunteers who have joined us talking about how they found their shifts, how they were treated by the Hotbox Events team, what it was like volunteering at a festival for the first time on their own, taking on more responsibility year on year and progressing from a festival volunteer to staff role, and even how the experience and confidence gained has helped with their career progression away from music festivals!

Contact us to find out more about volunteering at festivals

If you've got questions or would just like to have a chat about volunteering at music festivals with us you can email or call

Or get in touch via one of our socials linked at the bottom of the page 🙂

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Susie (Student)

2014 was my first experience of a big music festival, and I'm so glad I chose to give my time as a volunteer. I met friends that I keep in regular contact with, and had loads of fun both on and off shift; the work is social and interesting (I even got picked to go up the fire towers on my first shift!).

I enjoyed it so much I went back to Leeds Festival to be a volunteer in 2015 and I'll be back again next year!

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