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2013 Latitude Festival Pixie Stewards!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Latitude Festival Pixie Stewards!

At the 2013 Latitude Festival Hotbox Events is excited to again be managing the Latitude Pixies! The Pixies will be working within the 'In the Woods' area and arenas at the 2013 festival!

For those new to stewarding with Hotbox Events, the Latitude Festival Pixie stewarding role is similar to the CAT and HAT stewarding roles; working as a Pixie you'll be answering questions and providing directions to Latitude Festival goers. The main difference is that the Hotbox Pixies are based 'In the Woods' and need to be dressed as Pixies!

The Hotbox festival office usually has a collection of Pixie dress including wings, ears, hats and glitter, although if you're able to please do come prepared by bringing your own Pixie accessories! In the past Hotbox Events Pixies have arrived with:

  • Pixie outfits (use your imagination!)
  • Pixie Hats (the smaller the better e.g. not tall pointy hats)
  • Pixie and Fairy Wings
  • Glittery Face Paint and Make up
  • Pixie and Fairy Dust (apparently there is a difference?!)
  • Pixie Ears

Please don't feel limited to the pixie dress ideas we've listed above - we're happy for you to express your pixie self as you see fit...

If you feel like you might need a bit of pixie inspiration for this year's Latitude Festival then check out the efforts of our previous pixies in our Latitude photo galleries.

We opened the Latitude Festival shift selection last week - hopefully you've all now logged in and chosen your shift preferences but if you haven't please login to Hotbox Events PAAM and do this ASAP! If you're interested in being a Pixie at Latitude please make sure you make the Pixie shifts your first preferences!

If you have any Pixie related questions please contact us!


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