2013 Season's Greetings from Hotbox Events

2013 Season's Greetings from Hotbox Events

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Everyone at Hotbox Events would like to send out a very Merry Christmas to everyone who worked and volunteered with Hotbox in 2013!

2013 was a huge year for Hotbox Events and another record breaker for us. With your help we recruited and managed over 2,000 staff and volunteers at the Latitude Festival, Reading Festival and Leeds Festival!

If you joined us in 2013 we hope you had a fantastic time being part of the festival team and that you'll be coming back for more in 2014!

So again a big thank you for all of your efforts in 2013 and all the best for the festive period.

Some of our staff would like to send out personal messages which you can find below...

Another successful year for Hotbox is almost over, where does the time go!? As the cold draws in and Christmas approaches, the Hotbox team are already planning ahead for next year's season.

I missed being onsite with you all this year; my second daughter was born happy and healthy at the beginning of October and I am loving being a mother of two beautiful girls!

A quick well done to all the Latitude and Leeds staff and volunteers - from one extreme to the other with the weather, I hear you coped very well, especially at Leeds for our first muddy year since 2009!

I am very much looking forward to returning to work in March, ready for our 2014 application to kick off, and hope to see you all on site at our events next year.

Best wishes for Christmas and Happy New Year!

Steph Newman

It doesn't seem so long ago that we were setting up the Fire Towers at Reading, now we're setting up Christmas trees. So as the winter draws in I'd like to thank you all for your hard work this Summer. Was nice to see a dry Reading for once, seemed our usual weather went up north, and a scorching Latitude. Though with the fire patrols and additional car park fire towers I was surprised how the heat could cause as many issues as the mud. Looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully with similar weather, again next year!

Rob Donovan

As another year reaches the end it's time to reflect on the summer's events. Not only were they appreciatively sunnier than the past couple of years, but they were yet again a great success and they were an honour to work at. This is down to a lot of hard work put in by the fantastic team of staff and volunteers that we had at the events!

In 2013 we had a number of additional tasks and responsibilities and although these presented some new challenges, you all enthusiastically performed your roles and worked well together as one big team.

2013 was a milestone year for me, as I've now been working with Mark Hatchard and Hotbox Events for 10 years and I continue to be inspired by all of the volunteers and staff that I have met over the past decade, so I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all that I have worked alongside over the last decade and I look forward to many future events working with you.

I wish you all a relaxing holiday and hope to see you all again in 2014, setting up camp in those fields in Suffolk and Berkshire.

Tavis Russell

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