Planning for your 2013 festival season

Planning for your 2013 festival season

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

With all of our 2013 Latitude Festival volunteering positions filled and Reading and Leeds not far behind all at Hotbox Events are getting very excited for what is looking to be one of the best festival seasons yet!

Hopefully the fantastic weather of the past week is a sign of things to come - yesterday was the first sign of shorts in the Hotbox offices! Although just as we're starting to trust the blue skies, on arriving at the Hotbox offices this morning we were presented with grey skies and drizzle!

If you'll be heading to your first festival in 2013, or even if you're a festival veteran, head over to the PAAM volunteer software blog and check out this week's post which is all about surviving hot and wet festivals and extreme festival weather.

With the guide  to festival weather and our FAQ on what to pack, you should be all set to survive anything the festivals can throw at you. If you want to be extra sure then take a look at the Hotbox Events Forum and ask our current and previous volunteers if they can advise on any handy tips you might not have thought of to make the weather that bit easier to cope with. We've heard all kinds of nifty tricks over the years varying from, how to stay dry in a downpour by improvising with rubbish bags and the best ways to dry your sleeping bag out should you discover your tent is leaking in the middle of the night. There's also plenty of posts on the best ways to stay cool when the sun is blazing over the festival fields.

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