2018 Reading and Leeds Festival volunteer shifts, info pack, meal ordering for brand new catering!

2018 Reading and Leeds Festival volunteer shifts, info pack, meal ordering for brand new catering!

Friday, August 10, 2018

If you're joining Hotbox at the 2018 Reading or Leeds Festival your shifts have now been assigned, your info pack is ready, and you can now order your meal vouchers for our brand-new catering setup at Reading and Leeds Festival!

You can check your shift pattern by logging into Hotbox Events PAAM. Your shift is shown on the Reading or Leeds Festival Event Info page. Please note that if you've only just had your Reading or Leeds Festival volunteer position confirmed then your shift assignment may still be pending. We're assigning new volunteer shifts daily so please check back for an update!

Please also login and download your Info Pack and order your Meal Vouchers!

There is a wealth of info in the pack including pre-event and onsite contact details, travel and arrival info, where and when you need to check-in at Reading and Leeds, information about festival passes, how volunteer shifts are organised, Reading and Leeds catering, your briefings and training sessions, emergency procedures, staff and volunteer roles and responsibilities at the festival, festival security procedures, festival CCTV, Health and Safety, festival communications, info about the Reading and Leeds Green Initiatives and more!

The information within the pack is very important so please make sure you login and read it before you arrive at Reading and Leeds!

To download your Info Pack, you need to:

  1. Login to Hotbox Events PAAM.
  2. Select the Reading or Leeds Festival Event Info button.
  3. Click the link to the PDF (downloads section).

We're receiving a lot of emails and phone calls about Reading and Leeds; most of the answers to questions regularly asked can now be found in the Info Pack so please make sure you download and read yours!

Please also make sure you read:

  • Right to Work and Volunteer Fact Sheets
  • Health and Safety at Festival Sites
  • Fire Backpack Guidance
  • Catering Sample Menu

The above PDFs can be found on the Reading and Leeds Event Info page.

New for 2018 will be our very own caterer situated in the Hotbox Events compound! The Hotbox caterer will be serving a variety of hot and cold food, drinks, and snacks (you can find sample menus in Hotbox Events PAAM) at a greatly discounted price compared to the public festival food outlets.

To order your Reading and Leeds Festival meal vouchers you need to:

  1. Login to Hotbox Events PAAM.
  2. Select the Reading or Leeds Event Info button.
  3. Follow the instructions for meal voucher ordering.

Please note the deadline for pre-ordering meal vouchers is Friday 17th August.

If you've not volunteered at a festival before and you're wondering what it's like our festival FAQs are packed full of answers to the questions we're regularly asked, plus lots of handy hints and tips about volunteering at festivals.

If you'd like to chat with others who have volunteered with us before you can head over to our festival forum where you'll find both new and returning volunteers chatting about what it's like to volunteer at festivals, arranging to share lifts, asking and answering questions about volunteering at festivals...

If you'd like to see what volunteering is like you can head to our festival photo galleries where you'll find thousands of photos of our volunteers having an amazing time whilst volunteering with us!

If there is anything you'd like to ask or you'd just like to chat with us about volunteering, please don't hesitate to email or call the office or get in touch via one of our social channels!

See you at Reading and Leeds!

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