A big thank you to our awesome 2019 Camp Bestival staff and volunteers! Please send us your feedback!

A big thank you to our awesome 2019 Camp Bestival staff and volunteers! Please send us your feedback!

Friday, August 2, 2019

A big thank you to our awesome 2019 Camp Bestival staff and volunteers!

2019 was our first year working with Camp Bestival so come late July we couldn't wait to head to Dorset and welcome our regular staff and volunteers; and those joining us for the first time; to the beautiful Camp Bestival site surrounding Lulworth Castle.

Even with all the planning we put into every festival we work with; there were bound to be some unknowns and surprises along the way...

The first, was the amazing weather...always a surprise at a UK festival! Sun and blue skies doesn't do what we experienced at Camp Bestival justice; a blisteringly hot week including the hottest day on UK record! This kind of heat alone can make any job a whole lot harder, so a huge thank you to everyone who worked their socks off despite the high temperatures!

The next surprise was some of the additional responsibilities we were required to cover, some of which we didn't find out about until we arrived onsite! This meaning every member of the Hotbox team at Camp Bestival was more stretched than we’ve been at a festival for a very long time. So, another massive thank you to everyone who stepped up and helped on some very long days!

A special thank you must go to everyone who worked on the incredibly busy gates, we very much appreciate your efforts to make sure festival goers could get through the gates as quickly as possible. We're already talking with Camp Bestival about how to better plan out the gates and wristbanding operation for 2020.

Another big thank you to our amazing arena teams and your tireless efforts looking after Camp Bestival goers! You were always there to offer help, assistance, directions...and even on hand when trolleys needed a little pimping! We also very much appreciate the additional assistance you provided stewarding the Sunday night firework display!

The feedback we received throughout Camp Bestival from the festival's management team and other agencies we work with was amazing! They were so very impressed with the work you all did there and how well you overcame the obstacles presented; especially considering it was our first year working with Camp Bestival!

It's always inspiring for us to see how enthusiastic you are, your above and beyond attitude to make sure that everyone you interact with at the festival has the best possible week, feels safe, and receives the assistance they require.

So again, a big thank you for everything you did at Camp Bestival 2019!

The feedback we've been receiving from you on social and email about working with Hotbox Events at Camp Bestival has been wonderful to read! If you enjoyed your week with us and have a few minutes to send over a paragraph or two for our staff and volunteer feedback page...

Please email this to info@hotboxevents.com

Please also attach a photo if you can so this can be added to the Hotbox website!

Your feedback is a big help to those thinking of joining us in in future years; giving an idea of what working at a festival with Hotbox Events is like, so please do get in touch if you can!

We're already planning for next year and your suggestions are always taken into consideration; many of which help us to improve both our service to the festival goers and the experience for our staff and volunteers. So, if you do have any comments - good or bad - please don't hesitate to get in touch. We realise nothing is perfect so please don't be afraid of having a moan if there is something you'd like us to take into consideration for 2020!

If you'd like to join us again this summer, we still have spaces available at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival in August!

Looking forward to welcoming you back to a festival soon 😊

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