Reading Festival 2019 Hotbox Events Staff and Volunteer Photos!

Reading Festival 2019 Hotbox Events Staff and Volunteer Photos!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

We've just posted new photos of our 2019 Reading Festival Staff and Volunteer team to our website galleries and Facebook!

A huge thank you to our amazing volunteer photographers Maria and Siobhan who did a fantastic job capturing our Reading 2019 team!

We'll be posting our favourites to Instagram and Twitter throughout 2020 so head over and follow us to have these brighten your feeds 😊

We hope you love this year's Reading photos as much as we do and they help to remind you of some fantastic festival filled summer moments!

The feedback we've been receiving from you on social and email about working with Hotbox Events this year has been lovely to read! If you enjoyed being part of the Hotbox team and have a few minutes to send over a paragraph or two for our staff and volunteer feedback page please email this to Please also attach a photo if you can so this can be added to the Hotbox website!

Your feedback is a big help to those thinking of joining us in future years; giving an idea of what working at a festival with Hotbox Events is like, so please do get in touch if you can!

We're already planning for next year and your suggestions are always taken into consideration; many of which help us to improve both our service to the festival goers and the experience for our staff and volunteers. So, if you do have any comments - good or bad - please don't hesitate to get in touch. We realise nothing is perfect so please don't be afraid of having a moan if there is something you'd like us to take into consideration for 2020!

We're looking forward to welcoming you back to another festival soon 😊

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