2021 Music Festival Jobs and Volunteering

2021 Music Festival Jobs and Volunteering

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Following the recent announcements about summer 2021 festivals going ahead, we have been receiving a lot of enquiries from you about joining us this year!

As a company we have publicly been quite quiet since last summer, which considering how much noise we usually make about music festivals we know has been quite confusing for some of you.

The main reason for our radio silence is that we have not wished to say anything substantial until there has been real hope on the horizon of the festivals returning, which...we are very happy to say there now is 😊

Many of you are asking if we will be working with the music festivals that go ahead in 2021, others when applications will be opening, and some if Hotbox Events is even still operating and will be returning at all.

So, to give you a brief overview of our past 12 months and where we are now...

We realised early on last year that the likelihood of any large-scale music festivals happening was at best, slim. We therefore very quickly started scaling back operations, staff were furloughed, and every service and supplier was either cancelled or stripped back to essentials, reducing our overheads as much as possible.

Financially, and relative to our company's size, unfortunately like so many we still experienced huge losses, as we had already invested so much in last year's season. Meaning we were left in an incredibly difficult position.

As many of you who regularly join us know, fortunately Hotbox Events is part of a wider family of companies, our parent company being Hotbox Studios which is a digital agency. Although Hotbox Studios has been affected by the pandemic, the company has proved more resilient through these times.

In a normal year, Hotbox Events operates with a very small in-house team, just two people fulltime which were previously Steph and Rach, and my time usually split 50/50 across the two companies (Events and Studios).

I am very happy to say that no one has lost their job, after several months on furlough Steph moved to Hotbox Studios on a fulltime basis, Rach was already planned to head for pastures new so moved on from Hotbox in early 2020, whilst I have been working fulltime throughout with the digital side of the company.

This is where we now find ourselves, following an incredibly long year, and a huge amount of work from the team, we can confidently say that Hotbox Events is still here, ready and waiting, for our summers to once again be filled with festivals.

As far as when you will be able to apply to join us, this is something we are not quite yet able to answer...

We have been talking with the festival organisers throughout the pandemic, and more so of late as festivals in 2021 start to become a real possibility.

As soon as we know when we will be reopening applications, we will let you know!

We will need a little time to get everything ready for this, so it will not be a case of us suddenly opening applications, them filling up and you missing the boat. As usual we will post on our website, socials, and email everyone letting you know when applications will be opening, this is likely to be at least 3 weeks before applications open.

I hope this offers some answers to your questions, and as soon as we know more, you will too!

We truly cannot wait to welcome you back to the festivals we know and love, which all being well, now shouldn't be too far away 😊

Mark Hatchard
Managing Director, Hotbox Events

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