Camp Bestival staff and volunteer shifts assigned, meal voucher ordering open, info packs ready!

Camp Bestival staff and volunteer shifts assigned, meal voucher ordering open, info packs ready!

Friday, July 23, 2021

If you're joining us at Camp Bestival your shifts have now been assigned, you can order your meal vouchers, and your info packs are ready!


You can find out which shift pattern you're on by logging into Hotbox Events PAAM

Your shift is shown on your Camp Bestival Event Info page.

Please note that if you've only just had your Camp Bestival position confirmed then your shift may still be pending. We're assigning new shifts daily so please check back for an update!

Meal Vouchers

You can now login to order your meal vouchers!

Meal vouchers can be used at a selection of onsite vendors between Thursday 29th July and the morning of Sunday 1st August.

You can pre-order meal vouchers from Hotbox at a discounted rate of £4.00 per voucher which offers a big saving in comparison to paying via cash or card for meals on the day.

To order your Camp Bestival meal vouchers:

  1. Login to Hotbox Events PAAM
  2. Select the Camp Bestival Event Info button.
  3. Follow the instructions for meal voucher ordering.

The deadline for pre-ordering meal vouchers is midday on Monday 26th July.

Please note there will be no other onsite catering facilities available until the festival opens to the public on Thursday 29th July, so please make provisions for our arrival day of Wednesday 28th July. You’re very welcome to bring your own food to site, and once you’ve checked in you'll be able to leave site if you wish to do a shopping run.

The Hotbox compound will house a large marquee with tables, chairs and kettles; providing 24 hour access to hot tea and coffee! We will be providing some tea, coffee, milk and sugar although PLEASE bring your own mug!

Also, if you tend to drink a lot of tea and coffee please bring some extra supplies as ours won't last forever!

Info Packs and Docs

Please login and read your Info Pack and Camp Bestival Docs!

There is a wealth of info in the pack including pre-event and onsite contact details, travel and arrival info, where and when you need to check-in at Camp Bestival, information about festival passes, how shifts are organised, Camp Bestival catering, your briefings and training sessions, emergency procedures, staff and volunteer roles and responsibilities at the festival, festival security procedures, festival CCTV, Health and Safety, festival communications, info about the Camp Bestival Green Initiatives and more!

The information within the packs is very important so please make sure you login and read it before you arrive at Camp Bestival!

To read your Info Pack, you need to:

  1. Login to Hotbox Events PAAM
  2. Click the Portal button in the main menu.
  3. Click the Info Pack button.

We're receiving a lot of questions about Camp Bestival; most of the answers can now be found in the Info Pack so please make sure you read yours!

You'll also find the below documents in the Portal!

  • Health and Safety at Festival Sites
  • Flexi Backpack Guidance
  • Fire Extinguisher Chart
  • Right to Work and Volunteer Fact Sheet

Please make sure you read all the docs before arriving at Camp Bestival!


If there is anything you would like to ask or you would just like to chat with us, the easiest way is to...

Connect with us on MessengerConnect with us on Messenger


You can connect with us @hotboxevents on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


If you would like to chat with others who have joined us before head to our Facebook Group and Forum

On Facebook and in our Forum you will find new and returning staff and volunteers chatting about what it is like to join us at festivals, arranging to share lifts, asking and answering questions about working at festivals and more...


If you have not joined us at a festival before and are wondering what it is like, checkout some of our staff and volunteer interviews!

In the interviews you will get to hear from volunteers who have joined us talking about how they found their shifts, how they felt they were looked after by the Hotbox team, what it was like volunteering solo for the first time, taking on more responsibility year on year and progressing from a volunteer to staff role, and even how the experience and confidence gained has helped with career progression away from festivals!


Another way to see what working at festivals is like is to check out some of our festival photos!

In our festival photo galleries, you will find thousands of photos covering our festival history over the past twenty years!

Going Solo

If you're joining us although unsure about going solo you do not need to worry, every year more than half of those who work and volunteer with us do so on their own the first time and then return year on year to meet up with friends they have made!


If you have specific questions about working and volunteering at festivals try our festival FAQs!

Our festival FAQs are regularly updated and packed full of answers to the questions we are usually asked, plus lots of handy hints and tips about joining us at festivals.


We usually send an email newsletter about once a month, if you would like to keep up to date you can subscribe!


If you would like to drop us an email it's


You can reach our office by phone on the numbers below...

Tel: 01252849600 (UK) select option 2 for Hotbox Events

Tel: +441252849600 (International) select option 2 for Hotbox Events

Festival filled summer!

We cannot wait to welcome you to the Hotbox Events Camp Bestival team 😊

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