New Volunteering Opportunity

New Volunteering Opportunity

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Please find below details of a new volunteering opportunity at the Reading Festival & Leeds Festival - please contact us to be put in touch with Global Hand.

Duration required

24th-31st, August 2006


1. To meet the global needs of the world by allowing the surplus from the festivals to get to those that will benefit from it.

2. To proactively inform festival-goers that they can contribute to global shelter needs by donating their unwanted goods - specifically, camping equipment.

Responsibilities During Event (24/25th >28th August)

Team: 6-8 volunteers per site

Time: 11am to 6pm Shifts: 3 x 2h shifts

a) promote the advantages of donating tents or other relevant items to festival attendees.
b) proactively inform and hold account of where the goods are going to be used to festival attendees.
c) direct festival attendees to appropriate locations for the capture of their tents and other items.

Responsibilities After Event (28th-30/31st August)

Team: 6-8 volunteers per site

Time: 10am to 5pm (or equivalent)

a) collect and take the tents to the agreed central storage location.

b) gather surplus tents and other items (Mon through to Thu).

bi) assess whether a tent is suitable for further use.

bii) make an inventory of goods collected and sending through to warehouse.

c) collect as many tents as possible (suggested average 30 tents per day).

d) be ready to assist haulage company with the collection of the items for Thu afternoon.

In return for the time spent at the event, volunteers will receive free attendance to the festival, but should be aware of their obligations. A flexible shift pattern will be arranged among groups and operated over the course of the event.

The idea/message

Festival attendee's tents or surplus goods (clothing, shoes and other items), where appropriate, will be used to send to people that would benefit from these items.

The goods which are deemed unworthy of use will be either: recycled, sold on for income generation or disposed of.

The aim

To stress that this would work optimally if they give their tent rather than trash/leave it.

To encourage active partnership through the act of giving.
to reduce the impact on the environment regarding trashing or land filling these items.

The mechanics

Goods that are deemed worthy for re-use will be distributed, via Global Hand, to projects across the world.

These goods will be used for projects such as:

Use in disaster relief, where appropriate.

To provide children in impoverished conditions with accommodation during summer camps.

For housing staff for mobile medical and educational projects.

Once goods are given/collected they will be sent on to a warehouse.

These items will then be distributed responsibly through the Global Hand network to groups addressing global need across the world.

A security deposit (£135) is required to volunteer - this will be fully reimbursed on completion of all allocated shifts.

GH will provide:

T-Shirts and crew passes.

Secure camping facilities inc crew showers, toilets, cafe & bar. (Note: Catering will leave on Monday).

As a volunteer you would be responsible for providing:

Gloves to protect your hands

Transportation to and from the event


Accommodation i.e. a tent

Global Hand would like to offer more but the entire organization is voluntary - all giving their time and expertise to serve the impoverished of this planet, as a volunteer working with GH you would be part of a much larger network all serving the world's needs.

Volunteers would need to be able to work for both during and after the event.

Please do contact us ASAP if you are interested in this volunteering opportunity.

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