Message for Latitude CATs

Message for Latitude CATs

Monday, September 8, 2008

Festival Republic's Harmony Blake (Deputy Licensee of the Latitude Festival and assistant to Melvin Benn) has asked us to pass on the message below to all those who worked as CATs at the 2008 Latitude Festival.

We are so very impressed with the feedback that we have been receiving about the really really good work that the CATs did this year at Latitude. Many customers have specifically written in to tell us how friendly and helpful you all were. We have read every single one of your shift synopsis forms and we are so pleased to see how hard you all worked, and how many different things you got involved in. You all seemed to really muck in to get the job done, this is absolutely great and so very much appreciated. Your logs are 100% right in terms of the procedures you followed and the work you were doing. No other company achieves this - normally when you read through logs you realize that someone didn't understand something properly and you learn where the holes and where the mistakes in briefing were. There is nothing at all in the CAT logs that demonstrate anything other than you all did a fabulous job. We were particularly pleased to see so many of you being so aware of crime, giving out crime prevention advice and reporting on suspicious characters to your zone manager or to security. Thank you so very much for helping us significantly improve our levels of customer service - in 2007 we received 73 complaints that staff didn't know what they were doing. In 2008 we received 1. I believe this is thanks to the CATs and this is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much and please come back next year.

Harmony Blake - Latitude Festival

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