The Hotbox Competition...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Hotbox Competition...

On the way back from the 2009 Latitude Festival one of our supervisors pinned a Hotbox Events business card to a notice board and was even kind enough to send us this photo of his promotional efforts!

A few days later we received the email below via the Hotbox Events website:

Hotbox Events Business CardHi, I saw your business card in a laundrette in Stratford upon Avon. After examining the picture I am hopeful that you can help me. Do you by any chance buy and sell Zombies?

We all found this fairly amusing!

In honour of this, we've decided to start "The Daft Business Card Placement Competition"!

The idea being:

  1. You grab a Hotbox card from the office
  2. Pop it in as unusual a place as you can find!
  3. Take a photo (or two so we can see the surroundings!)
  4. Send the photo/s to us and explain where you put the card.
  5. Each year we'll ask everyone to vote for their favourite - the best will win a prize!

We're not sure what the prize will be yet - perhaps an event's worth of meal vouchers for the crew cafe? If you have any better ideas let us know!


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