Deposit returns and Royal Mail

Deposit returns and Royal Mail

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Apologies to those who haven't yet received their deposit return cheque. Royal Mail were booked to collect on Wednesday 27th - the collection failed to happen. The collection was rebooked for Thursday 28th - the collection failed to happen. After numerous phone calls from Hotbox Events to Royal Mail; countless apologies from Royal Mail and phone calls from them to their sorting offices; the collection finally happened on Friday 29th.

As Royal Mail is becoming less and less reliable we are looking into alternative methods for returning deposits. PayPal or BACS may be an option although as many don't have a PayPal account and both PayPal and bank accounts (the latter required for a BACS return) are often cancelled/changed; this could prove more problematic than returning deposits as cheques. We already return international deposits via PayPal and at least 50% are returned to us as the account has either been cancelled or doesn't exist; you don't actually need a PayPal account to send money via PayPal (just an email address) although you do need an account to receive money. When this happens it creates a lot of additional work and delay (per return).

At least with a cheque a deposit can always be cashed on receipt.

If you are concerned about your deposit please contact us and we will confirm where and to whom it was addressed.

Again our sincerest apologies for this delay and thank you for your work in 2010.

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