Festival Republic Volunteers!

Festival Republic Volunteers!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Festival Republic has asked us to let you know they have some positions available at the Latitude Festival, Reading Festival and Leeds Festival! You can apply to volunteer as a Green Messenger or Environmental Health Officer.

To be a Green Messenger you'll need to have a passion for sustainability issues and the desire to get people recycling and composting. In return for 24 hours of voluntary time Festival Republic will provide a full weekend pass to the festival!

The role of the Green Messenger includes:

  • Advising the campers about the recycling initiatives.
  • Handing out bin bags to people on arrival.
  • Advising festival goers about how to recycle onsite.
  • Being part of the Festival Republic Recycle Exchange team.
  • Salvaging and scavenging good quality re-usable gear that's left in the campsites.

To be a Green Messenger you will need to be:

  • Over 18 years old at the time of the festival.
  • Be willing to pay a refundable deposit.
  • Have approval to work in the UK if not an EU citizen (holiday work permits are okay).

As a Green Messenger you will have access to crew camping, showers and toilets!

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