Night Shifts at Reading Festival

Night Shifts at Reading Festival

Friday, April 9, 2010

Festival Republic would like some extra CATs to work the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night shifts at the 2010 Reading Festival! A new question has been added to Hotbox Events PAAM for all those who have been offered a position:

"Shifts - Would you be happy to just work three 8 hour night shifts at the festival? Yes/No"

If rather than the standard 'two day shifts and one night shift', you would prefer to see more of the show by working just three night shifts, please login to HBE PAAM and select "Yes"!

We only need 48 extra volunteers for the extra night shifts so please update your profile ASAP if you are interested.

We will be allocating the night shift only positions via HBE PAAM from the 1st May.

Reading Festival is currently full - if you haven't already applied and paid a deposit you can't currently apply, although we may be reopening the festival as people cancel.

To be notified when events are reopened please keep an eye on the Hotbox Events News, subscribe to the Newsletter, and make sure you have a Hotbox Events PAAM account.

If you have any questions - please get in touch.

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