Leeds and Reading Festivals reopened for the last time!

Leeds and Reading Festivals reopened for the last time!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Volunteering positions have become available at the 2013 Leeds and Reading Festivals so we've just reopened deposit payments! Please note this is the last time we plan to reopen Leeds and Reading 2013 for new festival volunteers.

If you applied to join us at Leeds or Reading after all volunteering positions were first filled then you won't have been able to pay your deposit to confirm your position. We've now turned the deposit payment option back on again in Hotbox Events PAAM - if you login you should now be able to pay your Leeds or Reading deposit!

If you've applied and paid your deposit to volunteer at the 2013 Latitude Festival with Hotbox you can join us at Leeds or Reading without paying another deposit via one of the two options below:

  1. If you've already applied to Leeds or Reading you need to click the 'pay deposit' button next to Leeds or Reading on your PAAM overview page and this will mark your account as paid for Leeds or Reading.
  2. If you've not applied for Leeds or Reading you just need to apply via PAAM and your account will automatically be marked as deposit paid for Leeds Festival or Reading Festival.

If you'd like further information about volunteering with Hotbox at Leeds or Reading Festivals please head over to our Leeds or Reading Festival Info page.

If you'd like talk with us about volunteering with Hotbox Events at Leeds or Reading please get in touch.

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