Can I apply to volunteer if I have accessibility requirements?

Of course! Please indicate your accessibility requirements on your application form in the field provided. Following application please also contact us to discuss your requirements which we will do our very best to accommodate. If you have difficulty in filling out the application form please contact our office and one of our team will assist you.

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Are accessible facilities provided?

Yes, there are accessible toilets, showers and water points in the disabled access campsite and accessible toilets in the arena. You may need to contact the festival's access team to collect a wristband that enables you to access the accessible facilities at the festival. Whenever possible we will also make these facilities available in the Hotbox compound too.

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Can I camp in the Disabled Access Campsite

Yes you can. Any volunteers with accessibility requirements are welcome to camp in the disabled access campsite. Please note you will need to register with the festival’s Disabled Access Scheme. Further information about the facilities provided and how to register for the Disabled Access Scheme can be found on the websites of the individual festivals if you follow the links below:

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Will I have access to charging points so I can charge my wheelchair / mobility scooter?

Yes, charging points for wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available in several places across the festival site such as the Disabled Access Campsite, arena viewing platforms and information tents. Whenever possible we will also make these available in the Hotbox compound.

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Can I use the accessible viewing platforms?

Yes, you can apply for access to the viewing platforms when you register with the Disabled Access Scheme. If you have a PA they can accompany you on the viewing platform.

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Is there accessible parking available?

Anyone wishing to camp in the Disabled Access Campsite will need to apply for accessible parking or a pick up and drop off car pass via the Disabled Access Scheme application.

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What documents will I need to provide to verify my accessibility requirements?

Unless you have registered with the Disabled Access Scheme in the last 3 years you will need to provide one of the following:

  • DLA/PIP – Front copy only.
  • Medical Professional’s letter
  • The Nimbus Access Card
  • D/deaf or blind registration
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Can I bring my assistance dog?

Yes you can, if you require an assistance dog to accompany you at the festival you will need to let us know at the time of application so we can ensure all the necessary arrangements can be made to facilitate this.

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Am I able to bring a PA with me?

Yes, your PA will be able to accompany you at the festival. They will be able to accompany you whilst you're on shift as a volunteer and also during your free time. Please indicate at the time of application if you require a PA to accompany you.

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