Travelling to festivals

When do I need to be onsite?

Arrival dates and briefing times are detailed on our event pages.

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Do you provide transport to the Music Festival?

As staff and volunteers need to arrive before the public arrive to attend the festival or event, we have in the past organised shuttle buses specifically to help those working with us in getting from the local stations to the festival or event site.

You shouldn't have a problem getting back to the station as you'll be leaving at the same time as the public who have attended the festival.

Please keep up to date with the news for information re festival shuttle buses.

If you are looking for a lift or can provide a lift to others please add a post to the forum or our Facebook group - many staff and volunteers successfully organise lift shares via our forum and Facebook group and it's a great way of making friends with the people you'll be volunteering with before you arrive at the festival!

Another way to get in touch with fellow staff and volunteers is by connecting with Hotbox Events via our social channels; for more information head over to our Community page.

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