2012 Latitude Festival Shuttle Bus

Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Latitude Festival Shuttle Bus

For all 2012 Latitude Festival staff and volunteers travelling to the festival by train Festival Republic has organised a staff and volunteer shuttle bus to help get you to and from the train station to the festival site!

The discounted staff and volunteer cost for the shuttle bus will be £2.00 per person.

Buses will be running between Halesworth train station and the festival site. Please find the running times below.

Tuesday 10th July

Meeting trains arriving at: 18:09, 19:09 and 20:09.

Wednesday 11th July

Buses will be running between 12:09 to 20:09, arriving hourly at Halesworth train station.

Please be aware the 16:00 train from London is expected to be very busy so you may need to queue at Halesworth train station for the staff shuttle bus.

Monday 16th July

Buses will be running between 07:00 and 17:05, arriving hourly at Halesworth train station.

The last bus service will meet the train leaving Halesworth train station at 17:40.

Please note the shuttle bus service on the Monday is the same bus as used by the public attending the festival; to pay the discounted staff and volunteer price you will need to show your crew pass or festival wristband.


If preferred there is also a taxi service available. EnviroCars is a professional taxi service that preserves the local environment through their commitment to producing lower carbon emissions by using hybrid cars.

By utilising battery power wherever possible, less fuel is used therefore fewer emissions are produced. EnviroCars is good for your wallet too as their fares have a 10% discount for Latitude Festival staff and volunteers! Please find the agreed fares for 2012 below.

To/from Ipswich Station: £48.00

To/from Halesworth Station: £20.00

To/from Woodbridge Station: £28.00

Website: http://enviro-cars.com

Tel: 03331 21314


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